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Audio Tour

Picture of Audio Tour
The audio tour includes both family and adult tour stops for you to choose from—as many or as few as you wish. Tour stops within the exhibition are designated with “family” or “adult” symbols, and a number which you can enter on the audio tour device.  
--12 fun and engaging family stops, from food and jewelry to fishing and gladiators.
 --Narrated by two characters who might have lived in Pompeii in the year AD 79-young Lucius and his mom, Portia.
--17 adult stops with interesting commentary from scientific experts about paintings, statues, daily life, religious practices
    and more.
--Available in either English or Spanish, which you must choose when you purchase.
--Audio tour device costs $4 for adults, $3 for juniors/students (age 3-18).


Audio Tour Adult/Senior
$4.00 (USD)
Audio Tour Jr/Student
$3.00 (USD)
Audio Tour Adult/Senior Spanish
$4.00 (USD)
Audio Tour Jr/Student Spanish
$3.00 (USD)