Bird Walk: Morgan County

August 22, 2019
6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Of particular interest during the fall is shorebird migration, which takes place a little earlier than songbird migration. “Run the playas” (actually, perennial ponds) of Morgan County, known as fine places to find shorebirds in late summer. Look for a variety of sandpipers, plovers, dowitchers, phalaropes, and stilts, along with a few passerines and raptors. Then drive to Jackson State Park for wild turkey, sparrows and warblers, gulls, great horned owl, and perhaps even a ring-necked pheasant. Five of Colorado’s six swallow species are common here, as well as belted kingfishers and snowy and great egrets. There may be abundant shorebird habitat, depending upon agricultural water needs from the reservoir, which may be full or drawn down to expose extensive mudflats. In years in which this occurs, Jackson Lake can be the best shorebirding site in Colorado. Transportation is not included. Participants caravan from a meeting location. The meeting locations for bird walks vary with each outing, so please consult your reminder email for final information. 

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