Agate with "Moo" pattern on polished surface


Amethyst, from Las Vigas, Vera Cruz, Mexico


Ammonite surrounded by septarian nodule from Wyoming

Apache Basket

San Carlos Apache, Arizona

Arrow, bow, and quiver

Mescalero Apache

Beetle Wing Necklace

World Ethnology collection

Black on White Canteen

Ancestral Puebloan, American Southwest

Black on White Ceramic Mug

Ancestral Puebloan, Four Corners region

Black Widow Spider

Live Western black widow spider, Latrodectus hesperus, in captivity.

Brulé Sioux Bag

Bag made of bison skin, feathers, beads, and quills, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

Brulé Sioux Club

Biconical stone club, Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

Buffalo Hide Shield

Painted buffalo hide, Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

Ceramic Canteen with Katsina Figure

Hopi Reservation, Arizona

Ceramic Jug

Ancient Peru

Ceramic Plate

Tripod plate with warrior image, Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

Chancay Effigy Jar

Chancay effigy jar from Peru


Manicina areolata- coral from Palm Beach, Florida


Kelsey Lake diamonds

Donald Phillipson butterfly collection

Donald Phillipson butterfly collection

Drawer of Butterflies

Mostly from genus Euphaedra, in an original Mason drawer, donated circa 1918

Drum and Drumstick

Blackfoot hoop drum with brown bison motif

Effigy Vessel

Turtle, Shaft Tomb Culture, Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica


Elbaite, from the Brown Derby mine in Gunnison, Colorado

Folsom Point Archives

Documents and images of the Folsom Point find

Fossil Bison Jaw

Bison jaw from Snowmastodon excavation

Fossil Bison Vertebra

Fossil Bison neck vertebra from Snowmass aka Snowmastodon excavation

Fossil Crinoids

Fossil crinoid Aesiocrinus, on display in Prehistoric Journey

Fossil Flower

Fossil Flower from Green River Basin

Fossil Fly

Fossil fly collected in Garfield Count, Colorado

Fossil Leaf, Castle Rock Road

Holomorphtype from Castle Rock Road cut, Douglas County, Colorado

Fossil Leaf, Green River Basin

Fossil Leaf from the Green River Basin in Colorado

Fossil Plam

Fossil palm from Green River Formation, Lincoln Wyoming

Fossil Seed

Fossil seed from Garfield, Colorado, Green River Formation

Fossil Shell, Late Devonian

Discoclymenia cucullatus shell from Late Devonian

Fossil Shell, Middle Jurassic

Kosmoceras shell from Middle Jurassic

Fossil Trilobite

Olenellus fowleri from the Pioche Formation, Cambrian period; found in Lincoln, Nevada

Gargoyleosaurus parkpinorum Skull

Skull found in Morrison Formation from Wyoming

Gold Effigy Figurine

Pre-Columbian, Chiriqui province, Costa Rica

Ground Sloth Claw

Fossil sloth foot claw, Megalonyx jeffersonii, from Snowmastodon excavation


Bladed gypsum from Naica, Mexico

Hand Fan

Cook Islands, South Pacific

Havasupai Basket Tray

Havasupai, Arizona

Havasupai Basket with Lid

Havasupai, Arizona

Herbarium Sheet, Foamflower

Herbarium Sheet of Foamflower from Smoky Mountain National Park, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Herbarium Sheet, Licorice Fern

Herbarium Sheet of Licorice fern from Ranger station in Olympic National Park, WA

Herbarium Sheet, Showy Milkweed

Herbarium Sheet of Showy Milkweed from Boulder County, Colorado

Hopi Canteen

Ceramic Hopi canteen, Arizona

Hopi Ladle

Ceramic Hopi ladle, Arizona

Hopi Olla

Ceramic Hopi olla, Arizona

House Panel

Inspired by Kwakiutl culture, British Columbia, Canada

Incensario, Chiapas

Mayan, Chiapas, Mexico

Incensario, Guatamala

Mayan, Guatemala

Iñupiat Parka

North Slope, Alaska

Jade Pendant

Maori, from New Zealand

Katsina Doll, Closeup

Hopi, Arizona

Kiwi Mount

Apterys Australis, New Zealand

Lakota Vest

Vest made of bison hide, fully beaded and decorated with porcupine quills

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli from Colorado, on display in Coors Mineral Hall

Long-horned Beetle, Texas

Plinthocoelium suaveolens (Burmelia Borer) from Comal County, Texas

Mars Rover

Artist's concept of NASA's Mars 2020 rover on the surface of Mars.

Mask, Kwakiutl-inspired

Mask, inspired by Kwakiutl culture of British Columbia, Canada

Mastodon Tooth

Mastodon Tooth from Snowmass Excavation 2010

Melanesian Armband

Melanesian Armband, narrow

Melanesian Armband, wide

Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Bracelet

Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Necklace

Boar tusks and cowery shells, Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Pendant

Papua New Guinea

Melanesian Statue

Papua New Guinea


Southern Cheyenne or Arapaho

Ornithoptera Priamus

Butterfly from Biak Island of New Guinea


Varient of arsenic trisulfide discovered in the Twin Creek Mine in Humbolt County, Nevada

Ossemans Fossils

1834 French publicaton by Baron Georges Cuvier, from the Rare Book collection

Owl Mask

Inspired by Kwakiutl culture, British Columbia, Canada

Parasitic Wasp

Pimplinae (Family Ichneumonida), focus stack of 32 images by Christopher C. Grinter

Polychrome Jar

Ancestral Puebloan, American Southwest

Puebloan Effigy Jar

Ancestral Puebloan, American Southwest


Pyrite from Peru, on display in Coors Mineral Hall

Realgar Crystal Cluster

Realgar; cluster of large crystals from Getchell mine in Humboldt County Nevada

Rhodochrosite, banded

Polished surface detail of massive banded crust, photographed by Phil McCollum

Rhodochrosite, crystals

A splendid large group of scalenohedral crystals from N'Chwaning mine, Kalahari, South Africa

Shell Belt

Marshall Islands, South Pacific

Shell Bracelet

Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica

Shell Dorsal view

Gastorpod, Papustyla pulcherrima from Papua New Guinea

Shell Front view

Gastorpod, Papustyla pulcherrima from Papua New Guinea

Shell, Arcinella

Arcinella sp. Shell from Florida found in the Tamiami Formation

Shell, Conus Textile

Conus textile from the Phillipine Islands

Shell, Florida Tree Snail, dark

Liguus fasciatus (Florida Tree Snail)

Shell, Phymosoma

Phymosoma texanum shell found in Texas


Antheraea yamami, Japanese Oak Silkmoth, Japan

Sioux Head Stall

Sicangu Oyate (Brulé Sioux), Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

Sioux Shirt

Northern Plains shirt made of deerskin

Skull of Last Grizzly in Colorado

Ursus arctos horribilis, female, last confirmed Grizzly in Colorado

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz from Park County, Colorado

Stegosaurus Skull and Neck Plate

Stegosaurus stenops skull and neck plate found in Morrison Formation from Colorado


Stone, Vera Cruz, Mexico

Syntherata naessigi

Moth from the Trobriand Islands, NE of New Guinea (HOLOTYPE)


Samoan Islands, South Pacific

Tiger Beetle, Composite

Composite of 113 images of male Cicindela nigrocoerulea nigrocoerulea

Tiger Salamander

Fossil Ambystoma tigrinum vertebrae, Snowmastodon excavation, with pencil for scale

Toltec Effigy Jar

Toltec, Pre-Columbian, Mesoamerica

Tridacna Squamosa Shell

Endangered species from the Marine Invertabrate collecion

Unfinished Basket

Havasupai, Arizona


Mayan, Mexico


Zoomorphic vessel, Shaft Tomb Culture

Wedding Jar

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico

Yokut feather basket

Squaw Valley, California

Zuni Ceramic Jar

Zuni, New Mexico

Zuni Rattle

Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
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