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JOY – a simple, but powerful word. Joy has the power to bring people together and find peace. It brings a sense of awe in new discoveries and comfort in times of loss. We all need moments of joy in our life, and in a year when moments for joy seemed scarce, creating joy for others became our top priority.

A family of six received a Museum membership gifted to them by a stranger. A parent turned teacher received tools for at-home learning. A volunteer went to work making masks for Museum staff. A scientist turned delivery driver sent food to families in quarantine. And numerous families – like yours - found time each week to spend together learning about the world through our virtual programs.

YOU have the power to spark joy in someone’s life today by donating to YOUR Museum. A gift of any amount will help the Museum foster the joy that science and nature can evoke in today’s learners and tomorrow’s explorers. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT!

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization.


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