Indigenous Film: From Earth to Sky

December 8, 2021
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
Watch the film before the event. “From Earth to Sky ” will be available to stream Dec. 6-9. The streaming link will be shared starting Dec. 5. Join us for a discussion of “From Earth to Sky.” “From Earth to Sky” (Director Ron Chapman) presents the works of seven Indigenous architects from North America. While each has their own unique style, they share similar philosophies and approaches to culturally responsive architecture and sustainable design – consulting with communities to design and construct buildings and landscapes that embrace the culture and traditions of their clients, their connections to the land, imbued with a sense of their history and their visions for the future. “To me, the real test of what is Indigenous architecture is whether the Indigenous people it is serving actually see it as their own; they say ‘this is ours,’” Architect Daniel Glenn said. The film follows seven Indigenous architects as they bring to life the vitality of Indigenous architecture, from design to construction: Tammy Eagle Bull – first Indigenous woman licensed as an architect in North America (Oglala Lakota Nation, South Dakota), Wanda Dalla Costa (Saddle Lake First Nation, Alberta), Alfred Waugh (Chipewyan of the Fond Du Lac Band, Denesuline Nation, Saskatchewan), Brian Porter (Oneida Nation, Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario), Daniel Glenn (Crow Tribe), Patrick Stewart (Killerwhale House of Daaxan, Nisga Nation, British Columbia), and Douglas Cardinal the first licensed Indigenous architect in North America (Siksika, Blackfoot, Calgary). (Chapman Productions, 2021, 83 min.). Architects Daniel Glenn and Tammy Eagle Bull will join us for a discussion moderated by Mervyn Tano, President of the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management. Presented in partnership with the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management and the Denver American Indian Commission.

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