Indigenous Film: "The Last ‘Opelu Man: I Ka Nana No A 'Iki--By Observing, One Learns"

August 11, 2021
7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Virtual Event

Join us for a screening of the “The Last 'Opelu Man,” from Director Bryce Groark. Knowledge of the Hawaiian traditional ‘opelu fishery, fishing techniques and the art of net-making is held by just a handful of kūpuna able to pass on this knowledge to the next generation. Charles “Chuck” Leslie, an 80-year-old, third-generation hoop net fisherman is one of the few still practicing this tradition. When he was just five years old, Chuck starting learning hoop-net fishing at the side of his father, renowned fisherman Henry Leslie. Now he is passing down his knowledge to the next generation, connecting them to their past and keeping alive the cultural fishing traditions to ensure the ‘opelu population remains healthy. (Living Ocean Productions, 2017, 15 min.). Following the film, join us for a live discussion with Uncle Chuck Leslie and Krista Johnson on ‘opelu as a way of life moderated by Mervyn Tano, president of the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management. This event is presented in partnership with the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management and the Denver American Indian Commission.

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