American Mastodon Mandible

Fossil bones of Mammut americanum from Jefferson County, Colorado

American Mastodon Teeth

Fossil upper teeth, Mammut americanum, Snowmastodon excavation

Ancient Deer Jaw and Teeth

Detail of deer jaw and teeth with skeleton in matrix from Snowmastodon excavation

Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz, Horizontal

Aquamarine and smoky quartz crystals from Mt. Antero, Colorado

Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz, Vertical

Aquamarine and smoky quartz crystals from Mt. Antero, Colorado

Armband, Narrow

Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

Armband, Wide

Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

Betel Box

Silver box and lid used to store betel, northern Thailand


Brulé Sioux, from Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota


Haida, from Northwest Coast

Campion Gold

Campion Gold from Breckenridge, Colorado


Maori, from New Zealand


Outstanding specimen of Covelite crystals from Rio Grand County, Colorado


Stone, from Papua New Guinea

Fluorite crystal

Fluorite crystal from the Rya Mine in Illinois

Fossil Ammonite

Jeletzkytes nodosus from Late Cretaceous, Pierre Shale Formation

Fossil Egg

Fossil bird egg from White River Formation in Wyoming, Oligocene period

Fossil Leaf

Fossil Leaf from the Green River Basin in Colorado

Fossil Shell, Acrioceras

Acrioceras shell from Early Cretaceous

Fossil Skull

Fossil skull of Machairodus coloradensis from Late Miocene/Pliocene, Yuma, Colorado

Green Beetle

Stunning presence of the beetle Chrysophora chrysochlora

Hilili Katsina

Hilili Katsina figure, Arizona

Hon Katsina

Hon Katsina figure, Arizona

Hopi Katsina Dolls

Three kachina figures

Hopi Talavai Katsina

Talavai Katsina figure, Arizona

Hopi Tatangaya Katsina

Tatangaya katsina figure, Arizona


Greek amphora

Last Grizzly, skin

Skin of last confirmed Grizzly in Colorado, Ursus arctos horribilis, female

Last Grizzly, skull

Skull of last confirmed Grizzly in Colorado, Ursus arctos horribilis, female

Manatee Diorama

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Manatee diorama

Many Hands Shirt

Lakota Sioux shirt worn by Chief Daniel Black Horn

Mask, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

Mastodon Vertebra

Masodon vertebra from the Snowmass aka Snowmasodon excavation


Spray of Slender with prismatic crystals more than one inch long, from Poona, India

Moccasins with green

Southern Inunaina (Southern Arapaho)

Nest and Eggs

Nest with eggs of the Chipping Sparrow

O'odham Basket

O'odham, from Arizona

Peruvian Jar

Ancient Peru


Hopi, from Arizona

Planet Birth

Artist's concept of a possible new planet detected by the Spitzer Space Telescope

Pterosaur Skeleton

Cast of Pterosaur skeleton from Late Jurassic about 150 million years ago, Germany

Rare Book with Bullseye Condenser

"The Native Flowers and Ferns of the United States" by Thomas Meehan 1978-1979

Shell, Conus, on sand

Conus textile shell

Shell, Seratus

Seratus alabaster shell

Shell, Spondylus

Spondylus princeps from Mexico

Smoky Hawk King

Amazonite with smoky quartz from Teller County, Colorado

Snowmass Mastodon Tooth

Mastodon Tooth from the Snowmastodon excavation, Snowmass, Colorado

Tiger Beetle, female

Cicindela formosa gibsoni - Female

Tiger Beetle, male

Cicindela longilabris perviridis - Male

Tihu Katsina

Tihu Katsina figure from Arizona


On display in Prehistoric Journey, found in Coal Count, Colorado

Wolverine Skull

Skull of Gulo gulo

Zuni Jar

Zuni, New Mexico
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